Brigid Daull Brockway is technically a writer

Brigid Daull Brockway is technically a writer

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh English, you're so silly

  • Phonetically is spelled phonetically, meaning it is not spelled phonetically. 
  • Alliteration contains five syllables, none of which begin with the same sound. 
  • The word diphthong doesn't contain any.
  • Dactylic isn't. 
  • Spondee is a spondee (I think. I'm really bad at meter).


  • It's very hard to say the word tooth when you don't have any.
  • It's hard to say lisp when you have one.
  • The word double-u doesn't contain a w
  • In Latin, they didn't have the letter w. However, the v was pronounced like w, so which letter did they really not have? 
  • A palindrome isn't one.
  • Polysyllabic and monosyllabic have the same number of syllables.  
This cartoon illustration has been created by Greg Williams in cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation.


jenny_o said...

Wonderful :) Especially like the WikiWorld illustration.

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

I love word acrobatics like that, Jenny.