Brigid Daull Brockway is technically a writer

Brigid Daull Brockway is technically a writer

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Things that describe my love life

Seems the major news outlets have run out of ways to make Mitt Romney's presumptive primary win sound like news, which is why everybody's going crazy to talk about two cities on the verge of becoming sisters.
Seems that a Scottish woman passed through Boring, Oregon and thought it would be doss (Scottish slang for brilliant, good) if Boring, Oregon were to join forces with her friend's hometown, Dull, in Perthshire, Scotland. So now they're becoming sister cities. And it's a slow news week, because this is breaking news all over the place. 
And the big winners? Headline writers. Thinking up headlines can be a dull, boring (see what I did there?) task, but this week they had something to liven up their dull, boring lives (see what I did there again?)

  • A Dull and Boring Story, proclaims Apparently this is such big news that ABC had to run another story, this one titled, Dull and Boring Towns Seek New Relationship
  • Another twofer from, who heralded the news with the headlines Dull Embraces Boring and Dull and Boring: A Portlander Recalls His Own Dull Visit. It is interesting to note that news organizations have yet to find someone from Dull who has visited Boring.
  •, because apparently the business world is having a slow week too, reports Dull and Boring Come Together Across Continents
  • NPR has been having a field day, with headlines like Sister Community Project Excites Dull and Boring and 'Boring' and 'Dull,': Ho Hum Sister Cities At Last.
  • Fox News is far too respectable for clever titles (or far too un-cleaver); they say 'Dull' and 'Boring' to Become 'Sister Communities'? I didn't read the coverage, but I bet they've discovered a chilling link to the Obama presidency. Don't they have socialized medicine in Scotland? Dun dun DUN.
This was seriously the best video I could come up with for this song. 

It's because Jeremy's so close-minded about the midget porn. The dull and boring love life thing. 

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