This place matters

This place matters

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Speaking of...

This one time I'm sitting in my room, it's late, and I'm trying to make a 3 dimensional model of a DNA helix for Honors Biology. Naturally, instead, I'm playing with my action figures.
Strong Guy, whom I mentioned yesterday, was fighting Darkwing Duck.

Blundering Duck based on Maxwell Smart
Deformed Mutant based on Deformed Kewpie Doll
Who will win??

Darkwing's all "Suck Gas, evildoer," even though I'd lost the gas gun ages ago (not that it ever did any good anyway).
And Strong Guy goes, "No, Wise Guy's my brother. I'm Strong Guy."
And Darkwing's like, "I didn't call you a wise guy."
And Strong Guy's all, "I had to come up with a clever quip to hide my mountains of pain and that's what came up."
So then Darkwing says, "I usually go with 'Let's get dangerous.' The old standby."
Guido's like, "You don't have a cousin named Howard, do you?"
And Darkwing, quickly changing the subject, asks, "Sometimes I also like to say, 'I am the terror that flaps in the night. I am the double-helix that's really hard to make out of packing peanuts and coat hangers. I am Darkwiiiiiing Duck!'"
Guido says, "Hey, that's kind of cool. Let me try: I am the strong guy that thwaps you in your brain. Imma use my Power Punch  action on your shit."
Then Guido delivers his  Power Punch  to a supine Darkwing. And Darkwing explodes. I kid you not in the least. Guido hits Darkwing right on his solar plexus, Darkwing's hollow body cracks open, and little bits of Darkwing go flying everywhere. I never found his right hand.
It was pretty much the awesomest thing ever.

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