This place matters

This place matters

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Redundant redundancies

I'm both a geek, and a girl, which means the chances of my caring about sports were pretty slim. I mean, I am from Cleveland, so I can be a hateful rabid dog when called upon, but my heart's never really in it. 
There's one exception. Ninja Warrior. You see, like many geeks, I firmly believe that everything Japanese is awesome, and that includes sports. 
also, Hello Freaking Kitty

Ninja Warrior is an event in which Japanese mutants compete to determine who best defies the laws of gravity by completing a quite obviously impossible obstacle course. The first stage alone regularly takes down Olympic athletes, and not just the biathaletes and power walkers.
It's probably the radiation

But I'm not here to talk about those crazy physics-flauting freaks of nature. I'm here to talk about Mount Midoriyama, the home of this magical competition.
And how Mount Midoriyama is redundant redundant. Yama is is the Japanese word for mountain. So when the announcers call it Mount Midoriyama, they're calling it Mount Midori Mountain. 
The same is true of the more famous Fujiyama - Mount Fujiyama means Mount Fuji Mountain. Similarly, jima is a Japanese word for island, so it's redundant to say Iwo Jima Island
Also, Mount Midori Mountain isn't a freaking mountain. It's not even a tall hill. The Warriors are actually competing for total victory on the back lot of a studio named Mount Midoriyama near the heart of Tokyo. Is nothing sacred?
Next you'll tell me Sir Mix-a-Lot isn't a real knight


Bersercules said...

That sport looks awesome! And if warrior ment sport in Japanese it would be ninja sport sport!

(the name thing reminded me of DC comics origanally called Detective Comics, so technically they're now: Detective Comics comics!)

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

Awesome. And the name in Japanese includes neither Ninja nor Warrior - it's called Sasuke.