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This place matters

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Should I be laughing?

I don't know much about the comedian Daniel Tosh, other than he's kind of like Joel McHale only not funny. I also know that he recently got in some trouble over some rape humor at one of his stand up shows. All the details are in dispute, with an anonymous supposed audience member saying one thing through a friend's blog, Tosh saying another, and other audience members saying something different. 
What's needling me isn't what he said or didn't say and whether he should have said it. What's needling me is the damn double standard. The Internet and airwaves are on fire over his alleged comments, with celebrities, bloggers, Tweeters, and news outlets all weighing in. The Huffington Post, Time Magazine, and even The Onion have run stories on it. 
And yet when Horrible Bosses included a joke about prison rape in its commercials, there's barely a ripple. Scenes in which men are actually shown being raped in movies like The Wedding Crashers and 40 Days 40 Nights are considered comedy. 
Am I missing something? I'm not on (much of) a tirade here, I'm legitimately curious. 
One thing I am sure of: Daniel Tosh's rape jokes weren't funny. Why? Because Daniel Tosh is never funny. 


Maria McKenzie said...

I can't even begin to imagine what would compel someone to joke about something as serious as rape.

Anonymous said...

Since when do double standards make sense? Not that it makes me try any less than you do to try to figure it out but... just the same.

msmariah said...

Hi Brigid-- I really enjoy your blog. Following you now. I couldn't agree more about Tosh. He's not funny and I personally can't stand his humor or his jokes. I find him offensive (to everyone), but there is a huge double standard. 'Horrible Bosses' is a perfect example. If you notice, Jennifer Anniston's character was the only one who didn't die or go to jail.

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