This place matters

This place matters

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Famous Last Words

Whenever I see a car with a Florida or California plate this time of year, I say a little prayer for the soul of the dearly departed. I mean, these people must be in town for a funeral - that's the only reason anyone would want to come to Ohio in the winter. Other places are colder, but I've never been in a place as depressing and dismal as Ohio in February.
So all this thinking about death and depression reminded me of the apparent man of the month, Mel Blanc, whose gravestone famously reads "That's All Folks."
Here are some great grave stone sayings from famous people who liked getting the last laugh:

  • Rodney Dangerfield: There Goes the Neighborhood
  • Merv Griffin: I Will Not Be Back After This Message
  • Jack Lemmon
Jack Lemmon 
  • Leslie Neilsen: Let 'er rip
  • Don Adams: Would you believe... (sadly, a website stating "Immortality: Missed it by that much" appears to be lying).
  • Dee Dee Ramone: OK, I gotta go now. (Also, none of the Ramones were actually named Ramone, which seems kind of obvious now that I think about it...)
  • Billy Wilder: I'm a writer, but nobody's perfect.
  • Rick James: If only I had some hilarious catch phrase involving my name and a profanity.

Not such a great headstone:
  • Micah C. Green: I see dumb people. Green, who died in 2001, might have overestimated the staying power of M Night Shamalan.
And what do I want on my headstone? Probably: "Look out behind you!"

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