This place matters

This place matters

Thursday, October 8, 2015

No body's business

It's like a game of tennis. Vogue puts a size 8 model on its cover, and commentators declare it the fashion apocalypse.

Some nobody posts a childish rant about fat people on YouTube, and big girls take to social media to show off just how gorgeous curves can be.
But fat people are so unhealthy.
One really important fact gets ignored in all of this give and take. Our bodies are ours. We don't have to defend them or prove them worthy of existing. Our bodies aren't there for other people to judge. And we have the right to opt out of the game.
No girl should starve herself because some online bully called her disgusting. No man should judge his worth by what a fashion designer thinks his body should be. 
Look, like it or not, our bodies are ours. All our lives, other people have tried to tell us how our bodies should be - what size they should be, what clothes we should put on them, which flaws we should be ashamed of now.
Nobody should have to bargain for the right to live in his body. No one should have to prove her body's worthy of existing. Nobody has to beg for the right to live in their own skin.
The truth is that our bodies are not up for a vote. Our bodies aren't for other people to pass judgement on.  
I believe this with all my heart, and yet honestly, sometimes I feel a little sick when I look in the mirror. We don't need to be told what other people think of our bodies, we've heard the message loud and clear. 

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Dee said...

Dear Brigid, after years of yo-yo dieting, I have finally decided to love my body as it is. I've made three commitments to myself: to eat nutritiously, to avoid binging, and to treat myself when I'm craving something. I've shrugged off the burden of having to be a certain weight, but I do want to keep myself from putting on many pounds simply because my joints are arthritic now and extra weight is hard on them. And on my heart. Peace.