This place matters

This place matters

Sunday, February 14, 2016

You make me sick

It occurred to me today that the entire gumball machine industry is one local news expose from annihilation. All those filthy little hands reaching into a chute that never gets cleaned... the gumball lobby must have friends in high places. 
It was a series of local news exposes that led to the tubs of sanitary wipes at the entrance to every grocery store. Somebody got the idea to swab cart handles and it turns out everything is covered in germs, but cart handles especially. So now we all dutifully scrub down our cart handles before touching them.
In recent years, grocery stores have been stocking more and more products that promote healthy gut flora. Yogurt, fermented tea, probiotic supplements, some product called natto that totally doesn't look like a pile of ogre snot...
Nobody wanted the bacteria when the grocery store was giving it away.
Of course that's silly, right? The bacteria in probiotic supplements is good bacteria... except not necessarily. Supplement manufacturers aren't governed by the FDA, and thus don't have to back up all their claims. For instance, they don't have to prove that the bacteria strains provided are especially good for your gut. And, while the bacteria have to be alive when they're put in the bottle, manufacturers have no obligation to prove they're alive when they get to the store shelves. And they don't have to do anything to make sure the bacteria can survive in your belly. While some supplements are good, experts say that it's better to get your germs from yogurt and fermented foods. Ogre snot for everyone!

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jenny_o said...

Enjoyed the poem - it's been years since I read it last.

Ogre snot. Good description :)