This place matters

This place matters

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy greeting card day!

I'm kind of not a holiday person in general. They're generally overstimulating, and there's always the pressure to feel a certain way... joyful on Christmas, romantic on Valentine's day, genocidal on Columbus day, hung over on New Year's day, you know. Pressure. And some holidays, like Sweetest Day, are just silly. I always saw this one as just another excuse for ladies to be mad at their lovers for not buying them more jewelry. 
This year, since sweetest is a word, and I have a blog about words, I thought it might be fun to look Sweetest Day up. Well color me surprised. This site and a couple of others tell me that Sweetest Day, formerly known as The Sweetest Day of the Year was, in fact, dreamed up by advertisers - though it was originally advertisers of chocolate, rather than jewelry or greeting cards. However, the sentiment was really nice. It was supposed to be a day when you buy a bunch of candy and give it to old people and orphans and stuff. A cynical ploy to sell candy, sure, but a cynical ploy to sell candy to people who deserve candy more than your stupid old girlfriend. Probably don't want to get orphans Jane Seymour's Open Hearts Collection necklaces though. Orphans think they look like snakes.

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