This place matters

This place matters

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Word nerd is busy

It's ironic that on Labor Day, the day founded to honor American workers, the only people who have to work are true laborers. Nurses and ER docs, restaurant workers, air traffic controllers, gas station attendants; they're all busy getting dirty and saving lives. At least they get paid time and a half - some of them.
The holiday, which became a federal one in 1894, was first proposed by members of several labor unions. There's a whole history, something about worker strikes and Toronto and communists, but you can go ahead and look it up on your own because I got bored and it's late and I was supposed to be in bed already, but I had to update my blog because I didn't want you to think I was dead so here are some vacay pics and one incredibly long sentence instead.
Get a load of that chicken!

Damn me and my never having the camera
on the right setting when something is moving quickly.

This sunset has nothing, nothing, over a typical sunset
over Lake Erie back in Cleveland.
A perfect sunset in paradise is easy.  But watching the sun
dissolve into the cracked mosaic of a frozen lake
in a February so cold that you forgot what short
sleeves are for... now that's an accomplishment.

Nom nom nom. These guys appear instantly upon sunset.
How do they get out there so fast?
By the way, what did the snail say to the turtle?
"Slow down, you maniac!"
As it turns out, I like birds

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