This place matters

This place matters

Saturday, September 15, 2012

No excuse

I heard a story on All Things Considered today that made me rage today.
NPR's Guy Raz was speaking with Rami Khouri of Harvard's Belfer center about the violence and killings in the Middle East over the trailer for an American anti-Islamist film. Khouri proclaimed that in America and Europe, there are laws against Antisemitism and Holocaust denial, as they should. Because apparently they aren't teaching the first amendment at Harvard these days. Guy Raz quickly pointed out that no, the US does not have any such laws, to which Khouri replied that there were laws preventing free speech if it incites people to violence.
That's what got me. Of course the movie was horribly offensive. But offending people does not, should not, incite violence. Unless the douchebag filmmakers included dialog along the lines of "hey Muslims, go out and murder some people," Khouri's argument is absurd. 
Of course, just because you can make a film doesn't mean you should make a film, but there is no excuse, no justification for the murder of people who had absolutely nothing at all to do with a film made by one anti-Islamist whackadoodle. I don't care how important your prophet is, how offensive a film is, how deeply important and sacred your religion is to you, you don't kill people. This is as black and white as it gets. 
The genocide in the Sudan is a hell of a lot more appalling than a 13 minute film trailer, but that doesn't give me or anybody else the right to go around killing random Sudanese people and setting their homes on fire. There is no justification, no excuse for me to go murdering people from Sudan, nor does the genocide make my actions even understandable. You don't kill innocent people. This as black and white as it gets.

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hegemony57 said...

I had the same feeling. Good for Guy Raz.