This place matters

This place matters

Friday, August 15, 2014


I call people douches a lot. Because I have a tragically small vocabulary and can therefore only use one word to insult people. Or because my mom told me not to use dirty words, and douche is the cleanest of words. What with it being the French word for shower. 
See what I did there, with the totally not lame play on... hey look! Boobs!

 Speaking of French words that don't mean what we think they mean, isn't bra the French word for arm? Are we like... using them wrong? 

Also turns out panties is French for especially long hair
The french word brassiere actually derives from a French word meaning upper arm, which makes an even less effective bust supporter. Wikipedia tells me that the French garment that bore that name was more like a camisole. Which really isn't that much more appropriate, but hey, it's the French.
They didn't know whether
to wear it or surrender to it
No, the word that the French use for the old boob basket, soutien-gorge makes way more sense. It means throat support.
Now I know we're using it wrong.

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