This place matters

This place matters

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Only offensive if you think about it

Let me say in advance that this bit was a bad idea poorly executed by The Daily Show. Watching the Daily Show's coverage of the Washington Redskins controversy is a little painful, and not just because I'm a Cleveland Indians fan.

This coverage actually went way worse than the video lets on. One of the Redskins fans ran out and called the cops because she felt "threatened" (though there's nothing to indicate the Native Americans did anything that a reasonable person might find threatening). 
Some of the Native American folks who participated in the segment felt threatened, though. Their fear was maybe a bit more reasonable, considering the direct death threats they've gotten.
Even though the bit was a dirty trick, it raises a really important question. Would you wear your Chief Wahoo shirt to a meeting with some Native Americans? Would I admit to being an Indian's fan if a Native American person asked? 
And why on earth are fans of these racist mascots and team names so vitriolic when someone calls them out? How does a debate devolve into death threats so quickly? Because when you're arguing that your team name and mascot are intended to honor the Native American spirit, but then threaten to murder one of the people you're honoring, your words ring just a bit untrue.
I'm pretty offended by this mascot too.
Seriously, Cleveland? A FREE stamp with
legs would be a better mascot.

My title is in reference to this Onion story.

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