This place matters

This place matters

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You don't say

Traveling around the country for a job some years back, I discovered regionalisms I had no idea existed. Everybody knows about y'all and soda, but there's a whole world of regional weirdisms that your students will make fun of you for not knowing.
Like how people in parts of Pennsylvania refer to a shopping cart as a buggy. Which is especially weird in light of the fact Pennsylvania is Amish central, making it the one place in the union where you're most likely to see a horse buggy and a shopping buggy in the same trip. 
This regionalism quiz is eerily accurate. The quiz tells me I'm from Cleveland, Akron, or Canton - the three cities in which I've lived. It told Jeremy he's from Canton, Akron, or Fort Wayne - two of those are cities he's lived in, and the third is where his dad's family is from. Try it yourself. Tell me about it in the comments. Seriously, guys, when nobody comments, it makes me look even lamer than your average lady with a language blog.
Seriously? How do you people not have a word for this?


Dee said...

Dear Brigid, the survey indicated that my speech patterns revealed that I'd lived in the Twin Cities, Jackson, and Tallahassee. I did live in the Twin Cities for thirty-eight years but I've never been to Jackson or Tallahassee. Actually, I've only been to two southern states--South Carolina for three days back in 1971 and Florida to visit a friend for a week. Peace.

Lisa said...

I got Ft. Wayne, Toledo, and Akron. I grew up in the Canton area, but live in Akron now. I tend to pick up pronunciation quirks from people around me though, and I talk differently now than I did growing up. Also, my family watches entirely too much British television, so that muddles the works too.

Khrysso Heart LeFey said...

Actually, Ohio has a larger Amish population than Pennsylvania does.

Khrysso Heart LeFey said...

Akron, Fort Wayne, or, of all places, Montgomery. I've never lived in any of these cities. A problem I had with the test was that for a lot of the questions I use more than one of the choices. For one of them they were so interchangeable for me that I just chose "other."

I lived in Stark County, Ohio for 18 years, then most of the next 32 years in Franklin County, Ohio, and then the last five in Stark County again. Stints in California, Colorado, Tennessee, Maryland, and Minnesota.

My mother was from New York City. My father was from Wayne County, Pennsylvania.

Montgomery??? Where the hell did they get that???

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

How odd... the Twin Cities and Jackson both have really distinctive accents that aren't remotely similar.

Brigid Daull Brockway said...

I pick up accents like nobody's business. While we were in England I had to actively suppress the urge to speak with that annoying Madonna accent. Funnily enough, I also pretty actively suppress my Cleveland accent, though it comes out when I'm tired, drunk, or mad.