This place matters

This place matters

Monday, April 27, 2015


I had a dream the other night that I went blind. Since I couldn't drive, I needed Jeremy to drive me, but when I told my boss I'd need to change my schedule to accommodate Jeremy's, my boss was livid. All this despite the fact that it would be completely impossible for me to do my job without my eyesight. 
It reminded me of the scene in Kafka's Metamorphosis where Gregor's boss comes to yell at him to get out of bed and get to work. Despite the fact it's pretty hard to do your job when you're a bug.
I literally had a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Got me thinking about authors with stories or styles so memorable that they got their own eponym:

  • George Orwell - Orwellian: Adjective describing a society in which an all-powerful authority uses lies and brutality to subjugate the freedom of the people.
  • Charles Dickens - Dickensian: Adjective describing stories involving in which people suffer in poverty and poor social conditions; usually involving urchins. 
  • Lord Byron - Byronic hero: A broody, defiant protagonist generally bent on revenge. 
  • Frank Capra - Capracorn: A word some critics once used to describe hokey movies full of good people and uplifting messages. Horrors.

... and some authors who should have gotten their own words:

  • Mark Twain - Twainy: Prone to folksy antics that just happen to also serve as scathing social commentary.
  • Stephen King - King Bachman: Sovereign leader of authors so prolific they need to pretend they are two people (Richard Bachman was an alter-ego created by Stephen King, whose publishers had deemed him too prolific for his own good).   
  • Virgil - Vergilize: To rewrite a famous epic poem, but with a different guy and in Latin. 
  • Chaucer - Chaucey: Prone to writing old time-y stories so filthy that they'll be sanitized for schoolchildrens' protection 600 years later. 
  • Edgar Allen Poe - Poetic: (emphasis on the first syllable) Describes a world in which everything is terrible and then you die of rabies
  • Oscar Wilde - Oscardist: One who can be that hilarious while looking this fabulous: 

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