This place matters

This place matters

Thursday, July 23, 2015

That word: I do not think it means what you think it means

This, Yahoo! is deeply eager to tell me, has been an explosive one in the pop Tweetosphere. If you were having trouble following it, here's a recap.
So Nicki Manaj, upset that she didn't get more VMA nominations, tweeted that only skinny people women got nominated which obviously Taylor Swift took personally, tweeting that Minaj shouldn't pit women against each other, and then Katy Perry chimed in that the real injustice was that Rihanna didn't get nominated for her music video.
So in summary:

Nicki Manaj...

Somebody keep that heifer away from the cake
...famous for singing about the shape and size of her ass, claims that she got too few nominations because of fat shaming.
Feminist Taylor Swift...

...took her to task for pitting women against each other, despite the fact that the song for which she was nominated, Bad Blood, disses Katy Perry...

Perry, who thrills her legions of tween fans with songs about getting blackout drunk and screwing strangers, says that a nomination should have gone to Rihanna...
Well I'm empowered.
...for a song called Bitch Better Have My Money.

Yay feminism?

Meanwhile the four of them put together could fit inside one of my pant legs with room to spare.

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jenny_o said...

Every time I read this it gets more sadly hilarious. These youngsters :)